You’ll NEVER Guess Who’s Secretly Funding This Lawsuit, Total Shocker

According to a recent report, Reid Hoffman, a prominent Silicon Valley entrepreneur and co-founder of LinkedIn, has been secretly funding E. Jean Carroll’s rape case against former President Donald Trump. Hoffman is recognized as a significant Democratic donor who has made it his objective to weaken Trump’s hold over the Republican Party.

His opposition to Trump’s policies has even put a strain on his friendship with fellow Silicon Valley figure Peter Thiel, who has taken on the role of funding conservative causes and candidates.

Carroll, a veteran magazine columnist, alleges that Trump raped her in the dressing room of a high-end Manhattan department store during the 1990s.

With the passage of a new rape survivor law in New York, which extended the statute of limitations on private civil lawsuits, Carroll has now filed a new lawsuit seeking a trial that would potentially award her monetary compensation but, more importantly, label the powerful real estate magnate seeking a second presidential term as a rapist.

Trump’s lawyers are seizing on the strange nature of this 11th-hour revelation to ask a federal judge to push back the trial or even open up another round of investigation before it starts.

The proposition that Carroll has suddenly ‘recollected’ the source of her funding for this high-profile litigation is not only preposterous, it is demonstrably false.