You’ll never guess who made a disastrous decision in New York

In an exclusive report, Fox News reveals that GOP Conference Chair Elise Stefanik is leading the charge to oust CDC Deputy Director for Global Health, Howard Zucker, due to his involvement in New York’s controversial nursing home policy during the COVID-19 pandemic. Stefanik accuses Zucker of playing a role in covering up the true number of nursing home deaths, resulting in unnecessary loss of lives.


GOP Conference Chair Elise Stefanik demands the firing of Howard Zucker for his role in New York’s deadly nursing home policy.
Other New York Republicans join the call for Zucker’s removal, emphasizing the need for accountability and justice.
The policy of sending COVID-19 patients back to nursing homes during the pandemic’s peak has drawn criticism, with some attributing it to the surge in cases.

Accusations of a “”criminal corruption scandal and coverup”” surrounding the nursing home deaths are at the forefront of the demand for action.
Republican representatives stress that Zucker’s actions during the pandemic warrant judicial scrutiny, rather than employment at the CDC.


The call to fire Howard Zucker is crucial for accountability and justice. New York families deserve answers, and it’s time for President Biden to take decisive action. We must continue to stand united against policies that compromise the well-being of American citizens. Let’s demand transparency and ensure our nation’s leaders prioritize the welfare of the people they serve.

Source Fox News