You’ll Never Guess Who Contradicted The Official Claims

Hunter Biden’s ex-business partner, Devon Archer, confirmed in a closed-door interview that Joe Biden was present at the spring 2015 dinner with Hunter’s foreign business associates, despite the Biden campaign’s repeated denials.

The dinner, which made headlines in 2020, was the center of a controversy about Hunter’s introduction of his father to a top executive at Ukrainian energy firm Burisma.

The Biden campaign and close aides rejected the story, attributing it to “”Russian disinformation,”” but Archer’s testimony challenges their claims.

An email from a couple of years ago suggests that Hunter himself confirmed his father’s attendance at the dinner.

With mounting evidence, it’s becoming difficult for the Biden team to maintain their denials.


Devon Archer confirms Joe Biden’s presence at the 2015 dinner, contradicting previous denials.
The dinner was linked to Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings, raising questions about Joe Biden’s awareness.
Biden’s defenders dismissed the story as “”Russian disinformation,”” but the evidence suggests otherwise.
An email from Hunter adds to the intrigue, hinting at Joe Biden’s involvement.
The truth about the dinner is gradually emerging, and it’s essential to remain vigilant.


Fellow Republicans, this is a significant development in the ongoing saga of Hunter Biden’s dealings and his father’s potential involvement. The emerging evidence challenges the Biden campaign’s narrative, and we must continue seeking the truth.

As we approach future elections, let’s remember the importance of transparency and accountability. The American people deserve leaders who uphold integrity and honesty, regardless of their political affiliations. Stay informed, stay engaged, and let’s make our voices heard!

Source Fox News