You’ll NEVER Guess What’s Sparking Debate About Biden’s Candidacy

As the 2024 Presidential election approaches, concerns about President Joe Biden’s cognitive abilities are growing. During a recent discussion on Fox News ‘Outnumbered’, the panel expressed concerns about Biden’s decreasing cognitive abilities and called for a cognitive test to be conducted.

Dr. Siegel, a medical contributor to Fox News, emphasized the importance of a cognitive test to ensure that the President is mentally fit to lead the country. The President’s forgetfulness, stumbling during speeches, and overall cognitive decline are valid concerns that cannot be ignored.

It is crucial to consider a candidate’s mental fitness when choosing her leader, especially when that person holds the most powerful position in the world. The American people deserve concrete evidence that their President is mentally fit to fulfill his duties.

In the upcoming 2024 Presidential election, we must demand that our leaders meet the highest standards, including their mental health. Let’s make an informed decision and choose a leader who can make informed decisions and lead our country with clarity and purpose.