You’ll Never Guess The Latest In Political Business Ties

The recent congressional interview with Devon Archer has turned the spotlight onto the business dealings of the Biden family. However, another crucial player, Eric Schwerin, Hunter Biden’s long-standing business partner, deserves attention. Schwerin’s financial expertise and deep ties to the Bidens paint a complex picture of their business endeavors.


Financial Maestro: Schwerin’s pivotal role as the “”money guy”” in Hunter Biden’s business dealings cannot be underestimated.
Intimate Connections: His close ties to the Bidens include managing their financial matters and offering counsel.
Evidentiary Discrepancies: Despite claims to the contrary, mounting evidence reveals discussions of business transactions involving Hunter.
Chinese Concerns: Schwerin’s associations with companies linked to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) raise concerns about the nature of these interactions.
Questionable Engagements: Interactions between Hunter, Schwerin, and influential Chinese figures highlight potential conflicts of interest.


As ardent Republicans, our commitment to accountability remains unwavering. The unfolding story of Eric Schwerin’s involvement in the Bidens’ business dealings deserves scrutiny. Amid calls for unity, our leaders must prioritize transparency and truth, ensuring the American people receive the answers they deserve.

Source Fox News