You’ll Be STARTLED When You Hear What Happened To Majorie Green At Dinner

Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) claimed that she was attacked by an “insane” woman and her son at a restaurant on Monday night.

Greene alleged that the woman screamed and harassed her, while her son joined in the attack.

The congresswoman said she was simply working at her table with her staff and never noticed the attackers until they turned into “demons.”

According to Greene, the attackers had no respect for the restaurant, the staff, or other diners who have different political views.

In a tweet posted late Monday, Greene lamented that people no longer respect others who have different views. She also accused the attackers of being “self-righteous” and “completely out of control.”

This is not the first time that Greene has faced physical attacks or violent threats.

Earlier this month, a man from New York pleaded guilty to leaving threatening voicemails on Greene’s phone. In one of the voicemails, the man threatened to hurt her physically.

The incident at the restaurant highlights the growing political polarization in the country.

Republicans like Greene often feel that they are being attacked for their political beliefs, and that their opponents are becoming increasingly intolerant of differing opinions.

This has led to a dangerous climate of fear and hostility that threatens to tear the country apart.