You’ll Be Shocked To Know Who’s Involved In This Unexpected Transaction

In a stunning turn of events, emails from Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop have revealed alarming details about his financial dealings, specifically regarding a secret Romania deal. These revelations directly contradict Kathleen Buhle’s previous claims of being unaware of Hunter’s finances during their divorce proceedings.

Divorce lawyers representing Hunter and Buhle were not only aware of payments from the Romania deal but also engaged in discussions about how to divide the funds between the two parties. These revelations cast serious doubts on Buhle’s credibility and her previous assertions of having no knowledge of Hunter’s financial affairs.

One email, sent by Buhle’s lawyer Rebekah Sullivan, expressed frustration over the delay in obtaining basic information. Sullivan mentioned a deposit of over $120,000 into Hunter’s TD account from the “Romania deal,” which had been confirmed by Hunter’s office to Buhle. The lawyers demanded immediate disclosure of account statements and expenses.

Hunter vehemently denied these allegations, accusing his ex-wife of spying on him and suggesting she had access to his private communications. However, subsequent emails between the lawyers painted a different picture. They discussed an “interim support and bill paying arrangement,” including a portion of the expected $60,000 payment from Romania that would be allocated to Buhle.

These revelations are not limited to Hunter’s divorce drama. They also shed light on his involvement in Romania’s business affairs. Hunter was hired by Gabriel “Puiu” Popoviciu, a Romanian tycoon facing corruption charges, to provide advice during his legal proceedings. Popoviciu was eventually convicted and sentenced to prison.

Furthermore, the timing of financial transactions raises concerns. Payments were made into Hunter’s business partner’s bank account, which were then transferred to various Biden family accounts, including Hunter’s. It is important to note that the majority of these transactions occurred while Joe Biden served as vice president.

The American people deserve transparency and accountability. These revelations call for a thorough investigation into Hunter Biden’s financial dealings and potential conflicts of interest. The truth must be uncovered, and those responsible for any wrongdoing should be held accountable.

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Source Fox News