You’ll be shocked to know who Democrats trust to lead the nation.

A recent poll by Suffolk University/USA Today reveals that a significant majority of Democratic Biden voters, around 86%, are comfortable with Vice President Kamala Harris potentially becoming president if President Joe Biden is unable to serve his full term. This poll highlights the strong support Harris enjoys among Democrats, despite her overall low approval ratings among likely voters. The findings also point to divisions within the Democratic Party regarding Biden’s age and raise questions about the future leadership of the party.


86% of Democratic Biden voters are comfortable with Kamala Harris becoming president if Biden is unable to serve his full term.
Harris has strong support among Democrats, with 73% approving of her job as vice president.
However, her overall approval rating among likely voters remains low, at around 37%.
37% of Democratic and independent respondents express concerns about Biden’s age affecting their likelihood to vote for him.
These findings highlight potential divisions within the Democratic Party and provide opportunities for Republicans to attract undecided voters.

The results of the Suffolk University/USA Today poll offer intriguing insights into the dynamics of the Democratic Party and the potential implications for the 2024 election. While Democratic voters appear confident in Kamala Harris as a potential president, her overall approval ratings among likely voters suggest a lack of widespread support. Additionally, concerns about Biden’s age within the Democratic Party could further impact voter choices in the upcoming election.

For Republicans, these findings underscore the importance of uniting the conservative base and presenting a compelling alternative to the Biden-Harris ticket. With divisions and uncertainties within the Democratic Party, the GOP has an opportunity to appeal to undecided voters and emphasize its commitment to conservative principles and policies.

As the 2024 election approaches, Republicans must remain vigilant and mobilize their supporters to prevent the further erosion of conservative values. The battle for the soul of our nation is ongoing, and it is up to Republican voters to choose leaders who will uphold the principles that have made America exceptional. Stay tuned for more updates on the election and the fight for a stronger and more prosperous future for our great nation.

Source Fox News