You’ll Be Shocked To Know Who Couldn’t Attend Biden’s Event

A Muslim Democrat mayor from New Jersey was denied a security clearance by the Secret Service just hours before attending a White House event for a Muslim holiday.

Mohamed Khairullah, who has been serving as the mayor of Prospect Park for 17 years, expressed his disappointment and shock at the treatment he received.

Khairullah said that he did not understand why he was denied entry and that it was disappointing and shocking that this continues to happen under our Constitution, which provides that everyone is innocent unless proven guilty.

While the Secret Service confirmed that Khairullah was indeed denied entry, they were unable to disclose the reason for their decision.

It is concerning that a member of the Democratic Party, who had been working with White House staffers to organize the event, was denied entry with no explanation given.

This kind of mistreatment of individuals based on their faith or political affiliation is unacceptable and goes against the values of our nation.

As Republicans, we must stand against this type of injustice and ensure that all individuals are treated fairly and equally under the law. We cannot let the Biden administration get away with their discrimination and abuse of power.

Source Fox News