You’ll Be Shocked To Know What’s Brewing in The Oval Office

In the wake of recent revelations, it has become evident that the scandals plaguing the Biden White House and senior bureaucracies make Watergate seem like a mere playground prank. The Durham report, alongside the tireless efforts of House Republican hearings, has uncovered a level of corruption that is deep-rooted and malignant, surpassing anything seen during the Watergate era.

Watergate, for those who may have forgotten, emerged from a bizarre, foolish, and relatively limited series of criminal acts that spiraled into the indictment of 69 officials, with 48 individuals ultimately serving prison sentences. As someone who ran for Congress during the Watergate scandal in 1974, I remember it vividly.

Back then, President Richard Nixon secured an overwhelming popular vote majority in the 1972 elections, winning every state except Massachusetts and the District of Columbia. Yet, a mere two years later, he became the first president in history to resign from office.

It was a mindless decision when the Nixon campaign dispatched five men to break into the Democratic National Committee headquarters at the Watergate Hotel. Not only was it a crime, but it was also unnecessary, given Nixon’s assured victory. However, the campaign had amassed a surplus of funds, hired an army of people, and succumbed to a dangerous intoxication with power, losing control of its actions.

The real crisis unfolded when President Nixon and his team sought to manipulate and obstruct the investigation. They resorted to employing the CIA, FBI, and IRS to divert attention from the campaign’s involvement with the Watergate burglars.

John Mitchell, the attorney general at the time, became the first to face imprisonment, found guilty of conspiracy, obstruction of justice, and perjury. He was sentenced to 19 months in a minimum-security federal prison in Montgomery, Alabama.

This parallel is of utmost importance, as Attorney General Merrick Garland appears to be far more adept at obstructing justice than Mitchell ever was. Garland’s Justice Department reportedly instructed the IRS to dismantle the unit investigating Hunter Biden’s tax affairs. The FBI has been utilized to harass former President Donald Trump and a multitude of Republicans, while turning a blind eye to credible reports of foreign funds flowing into the Biden family’s coffers.

Garland has disregarded clear references to “the big guy” in Hunter Biden’s emails, ignored testimony from Hunter’s associates implicating Joe Biden, and remained silent on substantial evidence of foreign entanglements. The level of corruption and manipulation within these institutions has reached alarming heights, with senior leaders willingly breaking the law, framing the innocent, and obstructing justice to protect their chosen leader. They lie to FISA courts, disseminate falsehoods to the corrupt mainstream media, and punish potential whistleblowers.

The contrast between the reactions of Democrats and Republicans during Watergate and the ongoing Biden family scandals is striking. Democrats have shown an alarming lack of interest in investigating these matters or expressing outrage over the blatant abuses of power and obstruction of justice.

The Durham report has begun to piece together a narrative of institutional illegality and corruption, bolstering the efforts of House Republican investigators. In the coming months, we will witness the true extent of this sickening system, the dishonesty of the corporate media, and the urgent need for reform.

Watergate was just the tip of the iceberg, a mere glimpse into the world of lawbreaking. The Biden-Garland-establishment system is teeming with grand-scale criminality, and when the tide turns, the American people will demand justice.”

Source Fox News