You’ll Be Shocked To Know What Was Found At The Border


Senator Ted Cruz’s videos shed light on the border crisis under the Biden administration.
He held President Biden accountable for the lives lost and the suffering endured by illegal immigrants.

Cruz demanded that President Biden visit the border and take responsibility for the situation.
The impending expiration of Title 42 will worsen the crisis, already the worst in history.

Cruz found a small sandal belonging to a young girl, emphasizing the cruelty of the current immigration situation.
Texas is paying the price for President Biden’s policies and the Department of Homeland Security’s failures.


  1. President Biden must take responsibility for the border crisis and address it urgently.
  2. The expiration of Title 42 will lead to a massive surge in illegal immigration.
  3. The suffering endured by illegal immigrants, including deaths, abuse, and drug overdoses, is a direct consequence of Biden’s policies.
  4. Senator Cruz demands that President Biden visit the border and witness the crisis firsthand.
  5. Texas is disproportionately affected by the failures of the Biden administration and the Department of Homeland Security.


The videos shared by Senator Ted Cruz provide a compelling and alarming insight into the border crisis under President Biden’s leadership.

Source Fox News