You’ll Be Shocked To Know what unfolded at the White House.

President Biden hosted Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi at a lavish state dinner at the White House. The event highlighted the importance of the U.S.-India alliance in global security and economic cooperation. However, controversies surrounding Hunter Biden’s presence and the progressive boycott of Modi’s address to Congress marred the evening.


The state dinner emphasized the Biden administration’s commitment to strengthening U.S.-India relations for future global security.
The presence of Hunter Biden, facing federal tax charges, raised concerns about ethical standards and judgment within the Biden family.
Tech leaders’ attendance showcased the significance of economic and technological partnerships between the United States and India.
The progressive boycott of Prime Minister Modi’s address reveals a troubling trend of rejecting diplomatic engagements and alienating key international partners.
The event served as a platform for leaders to discuss and advance mutual interests, but controversies overshadowed the positive aspects of the evening.


The state dinner honoring Indian Prime Minister Modi was an opportunity for the Biden administration to showcase the importance of the U.S.-India alliance. However, the controversies surrounding Hunter Biden’s presence and the progressive boycott demonstrate the challenges and divisions faced by the administration.

It is crucial for President Biden to address these concerns and ensure transparency and integrity in his administration. The future of U.S.-India relations depends on fostering strong partnerships and engaging in constructive diplomacy.

Source Fox News