You’ll Be Shocked To Know The Reason Behind This GOP Dissent

South Carolina GOP Rep. Nancy Mace has boldly declared her opposition to the debt ceiling deal negotiated between House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and President Biden. In a fiery Twitter thread, Mace expressed her resolute stance, emphasizing that she will be voting “no” on this disastrous agreement.

As a passionate Republican, Mace understands that Washington is broken and refuses to play the destructive games that would burden future generations with unsustainable debt.

Mace’s principled opposition stems from her belief that this bipartisan package only serves to normalize excessive spending levels that were initiated during the pandemic. By setting these historically high spending levels as the baseline for all future expenditures, the government will continue to grow at an alarming rate.

Even with minor cuts to discretionary spending over the next two years, we are still looking at approximately $6 trillion in additional spending. This is an unacceptable burden on our already overtaxed citizens.

The South Carolina representative rightly points out that the government has experienced massive growth in recent years, which was initially justified as emergency funding during the COVID crisis.

However, this growth has far exceeded what was necessary, with a staggering 40% increase in government spending, totaling $2 trillion from 2019 to 2023. The debt ceiling deal not only fails to address this out-of-control growth but also perpetuates it, making it the new baseline for future expenditures.

Mace is alarmed by the fact that this deal does not truly establish a debt limit; instead, it suspends the debt ceiling entirely until January 2, 2025, without any real cap. The Congressional Budget Office’s estimate of a $2 trillion deficit in six years is unreliable, as it relies on spending caps that are non-existent and non-binding in this agreement. Moreover, the bill’s claim of cutting $41 billion in its first year is misleading, as it merely retracts unspent COVID funds, essentially maintaining the status quo.

Additionally, Mace raises concerns about the Pay-As-You-Go provision, which, upon closer examination, reveals loopholes that render it practically meaningless. The American people overwhelmingly want Congress to reduce spending as part of any debt ceiling deal, and this bill falls short of meeting that expectation.

It is high time for responsible fiscal management and accountability in Washington, and Mace is determined to fight for these principles.

Mace’s principled stand against this flawed debt ceiling plan is commendable. As she rightly asserts, Washington will continue to squander hard-earned taxpayer dollars unless we demand change. It is crucial for Republicans to remain united in opposing this bill, ensuring that the interests of the American people are safeguarded. Together, we can champion responsible spending and secure a prosperous future for our nation.

Stay tuned for further updates on this critical issue as Republican leaders strive to protect the American people from the consequences of reckless fiscal policies.

Source Fox News