You WON’T Believe Who’s Stirring Up Trouble for Trump Now

According to court records, Reid Hoffman, a co-founder of LinkedIn and prominent Democratic donor, has been revealed as the mysterious billionaire funding E. Jean Carroll’s sexual assault lawsuit against former President Donald Trump. Hoffman’s involvement was disclosed in recent correspondence between lawyers for both sides.

Hoffman has been identified as a major donor for the Democrats who is dedicated to weakening Trump’s control over the Republican Party. His dislike of Trump’s authoritarian tendencies has even strained his personal relationship with other prominent Silicon Valley figures who bankroll right-wing causes.

Trump’s legal team is now seeking to delay the trial, arguing that Carroll perjured herself in an October deposition when she claimed no one else was funding her lawyers. The team accuses Carroll and her counsel of conspiring to conceal the truth for months before revealing Hoffman’s involvement on the eve of the trial.

This revelation is just another example of the political bias and dirty tactics employed by the Democrats and their wealthy supporters against Trump and his allies. We must stand up against these efforts to smear our leaders and defend our principles against their constant attacks.