You WON’T Believe Which Countries Are Turning Their Backs on America

Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., criticized President Joe Biden for his perceived weakness, which has led to traditional allies turning to China and abandoning the idea of America being the prime superpower in the world.

During an appearance on “Hannity,” Cotton responded to recent reports on China’s rising influence across the world and said that China, Russia, and Iran have formed a growing axis of evil, similar to past nefarious alliances.

Cotton cited the example of Brazil’s new liberal President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva turning to China despite the country’s role as the leading economy in South America. He claimed that Biden has not taken notice of this development due to his incompetence and weakness.

Cotton added that many left-wing leaders in Latin America are critical or openly hostile to America, but Biden does not speak negatively about them. As a result, these leaders are either running off to Beijing or welcoming Iranian warships in Latin America.

Cotton argued that human nature is timeless and unchanging, and the lessons of history should be learned to prevent the same mistakes from being repeated.

He gave examples of the Confederate States of America’s formation in 1860 and the outbreak of World War I and II in the 20th century.

The leak of documents by a Massachusetts Air National Guardsman showed that Egypt, which has received billions of dollars in U.S. taxpayer aid, planned to ship as many as 40,000 rockets to Russia to assist in its war against Ukraine.

The documents also indicated that the Emiratis were in touch with the Russians. While the Emiratis dismissed the accusation as “categorically false,” documents from the same intel breach described U.S. spies catching Kremlin intelligence officers boasting they had convinced Abu Dhabi “to work together against US and UK intelligence agencies.”

Cotton expressed outrage at the report, suggesting such behavior, as well as China’s work to forge a deal between Iran and Saudi Arabia, undermines former President Trump’s groundbreaking Abraham Accords. He said that Biden has created daylight and criticized the governments of Israel and Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

Cotton added that many traditional American partners and allies are hedging their bets because they are worried about American resolve and strength under Biden.

Biden’s public castigation of U.S. ally Saudi Arabia as a “pariah” has not helped the geopolitical situation, according to Cotton. The senator from Arkansas believes that Biden’s weakness and his tendency to blame America and its allies first has resulted in many allies hedging their bets and turning to China, Russia, and Iran.

In conclusion, Cotton believes that Biden’s weakness has led to a weakening of America’s global influence and that the lessons of history must be learned to prevent future mistakes.