You Won’t Believe What This Conservative Leader Just Did to Protect American Values!

In recent days, the Department of Justice (DOJ) under the direction of Attorney General Merrick Garland has demonstrated a clear lack of understanding regarding the new precedent set by the Democrats in the previous Congress.

Fox News Reported, This disregard for legislative power and congressional oversight has shown a blatant disregard for the rule of law. It is time for Republicans in Congress to take action to hold the Biden administration accountable, using the new rules put in place by the Democrats themselves.

The January 6 Committee created a new standard of “no mercy” for those who stonewall Congress, and the Biden administration has taken full advantage of it.

However, the DOJ’s attempt to return to pre-Trump precedent by informing the House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, that they wouldn’t be cooperating with document requests, is unacceptable. The Democrats have changed the game, and Republicans must utilize this change to their advantage.

The Biden administration, along with their cabinet, senior staffers, and faceless bureaucrats, believe they are untouchable due to the lack of tough questions posed by the Democrats in Congress and the biased mainstream media. However, the election of the new Republican majority in the House of Representatives has brought much-needed accountability to the government.

Republicans have been entrusted with this responsibility in part because millions of citizens believe the Biden administration needs to be held accountable.

The American people deserve answers regarding the open southern border, Biden’s mishandling of classified information, and his family’s foreign business ties, among other important issues.

The Justice Department is not a fortress, but a part of the government that is supposed to be “of the people, for the people, and by the people.”

Republicans in the House must use all powers at their disposal, including subpoenas and the ability to hold individuals and entities in contempt of Congress, to prevent the executive branch from becoming an unaccountable monarchy.

Document requests that are brushed aside must be followed up with subpoenas, and subpoenas that are refused must be met with contempt of Congress votes and criminal referrals.

If the evidence supports a criminal indictment, charges must be brought, as the Democrats have created a “Bannon-Navarro” doctrine of contempt of Congress. Republicans in Congress must not back down from the fight to hold the Biden administration accountable.

In conclusion, it is clear that the Democrats have made their bed, and now they must lie in it. The Biden administration must not be allowed to return to the rulebook they just disregarded to achieve their political goals.

Republicans in the House of Representatives must send the subpoenas, demand transparency, and hold the Biden administration accountable, using the new rules the Democrats put in place.

It is a critical time for our country, with a $31 trillion national debt, the spread of critical race theory, fentanyl pouring across our borders, and censorship of free speech. But, Republicans must not back down in their fight to uphold the rule of law and bring accountability to the government.