You WON’T Believe What MTG Said to Swalwell

Democratic Representative Eric Swalwell has once again been brought under scrutiny for his past relationship with a suspected Chinese intelligence operative, Fang Fang. During a recent congressional hearing, Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene roasted Swalwell over the relationship, calling it out in front of his colleagues and drawing attention to the controversy once again.

This incident comes just one day after Fox News host Tucker Carlson criticized Swalwell for his luxury travel paid for by campaign donors, citing large amounts spent on hotels and speculating about his activities in different cities.

Swalwell has faced numerous allegations and criticisms in the past, and this latest incident only serves to further tarnish his reputation. It is unclear what the long-term implications of these events will be for the congressman, but it is clear that his past relationship with Fang Fang will continue to haunt him in the public eye.