You Won’t Believe What Kamala Harris is Wasting Your Tax Dollars on Now!

Kamala Harris, the current Vice President of the United States, has made a name for herself by championing the use of electric school buses. However, her obsession with these buses seems to be rather misplaced, as they are nothing more than a waste of taxpayer money.

While the vice president has given many speeches praising these buses, it is worth noting that public buses, in general, are often inefficient and do not provide a good return on investment. Additionally, commuting for hours on buses only serves to waste human productivity. But it appears that Harris loves these vehicles, and she wants everyone to know it.

What’s more, she has recently been gushing about how electric buses offer Wi-Fi and USB outlets for passengers to charge their phones. This seems like an unremarkable feature to be so excited about, but perhaps it is because Harris is not aware that these amenities have been available in cars for many years.

It is important to note that these electric buses rely on child slaves in Africa mining cobalt, so Western elites can feel like they are saving the planet. This raises the question of whether the procurement of these buses is really worth the cost.

If they are as amazing as Harris claims, then they should be able to gain popularity on their own without the need for the federal government to spend billions of dollars of taxpayer money to fund their procurement.

It seems that environmental groups and left-wing media outlets have been flooding the zone with studies claiming that electric buses are the future, but the constant full-court press by the White House makes us wonder if the math is not quite as rosy as they assert. It appears that there may be more to the story, and many politicians may be financially benefiting from the adoption of these buses.

It is important to consider that the adoption of electric buses may not be the best option for the American people. The focus should be on finding more efficient and cost-effective ways to transport students and commuters, rather than pouring money into an inefficient and unproven technology.

In conclusion, while the Vice President’s passion for electric school buses is commendable, her focus on them seems misplaced. The cost of procuring these buses may not be worth it, and the true benefits of electric buses remain unproven. It is important to consider all the facts and look for more efficient and cost-effective transportation solutions.