You WON’T Believe What Caused This Bank to Crumble Overnight, It’s Not The Cause You Think

Attention fellow Republicans! Prepare to be shocked, but not surprised, as we unveil the truth behind the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB). The bank, which plummeted in less than 48 hours, leaving a staggering $1.8 billion in losses, was packed with staunch Democrats on its board of directors.

As interest rates rose, investments in bonds soured, and the bank’s share price fell a whopping 60%. The FDIC had no choice but to step in and take over operations.

According to a New York Post report, the 12 board members, who were supposed to steer the bank away from disaster, included a Hillary Clinton mega-donor, a former President Barack Obama political appointee, and a heavy contributor to Democrats with a vineyard just minutes away from Nancy Pelosi’s home.

It appears that the bank’s overall strategy was to align with the Democratic Party, donating to the likes of Obama, Clinton, Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, and Warner.

One source told the New York Post that “everyone knew it was the go-to bank for woke CEOs,” and that the companies SVB loaned money to all had a “woke agenda.” The report also alleges that most of the SVB board lacked actual banking expertise, with Tom King being the only exception.

Now, as enforcement agencies investigate the bank’s collapse, the board’s political affiliations and lack of expertise come under the microscope. The Justice Department’s probe into the matter is expected to take these factors into account.

So, fellow Republicans, let’s take a moment to recognize that this unfortunate situation serves as a cautionary tale. When a financial institution allows politics to dictate its strategy, the outcome can be disastrous. It’s time for banks to prioritize sound financial practices over “woke” agendas.