You WON’T Believe the Threat Looming Over Taiwan

The chairman of the new House Committee on China, Mike Gallagher, is warning that the window of maximum danger for Taiwan will open in January 2024.

This is when Chinese President Xi Jinping will seriously consider a potential invasion of the self-governing island. Gallagher also warned that the Biden administration is not moving with an appropriate sense of urgency to prevent World War III.

Gallagher believes that Xi Jinping may calculate the best chance to secure his legacy by making a move on Taiwan in the next five years. He is warning that the Biden administration does not view Xi’s ambitions for Taiwan as an imminent threat and feels it is unlikely he will make a move for Taiwan in the coming years.

Gallagher recently visited Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen in California, where they discussed ways in which Taiwan plans to resist any efforts by Beijing to interfere in their election.

They also discussed the importance of not being intimidated by the Chinese and speeding up the delivery of military equipment to Taiwan. Gallagher believes that it is crucial for the United States to prevent an invasion of Taiwan and to make sure that it never happens.