You Will Be Shocked To Know Whos Making An Unexpected Visit To The Dentist

In a surprising turn of events, President Biden will unfortunately miss out on the much-anticipated College Athlete Day appearance. The White House announced on Monday that the president had undergone the first stage of a multi-day root canal procedure the day before. Dr. Kevin O’Connor, the presidential physician, revealed in a memo that Biden experienced “further discomfort” on Monday morning, leading to the need for the second part of the procedure later in the day.

The president’s dental issue was identified as dental pain in his lower right premolar. After a thorough assessment by the Presidential Dental Team from Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, it was determined that endodontic treatment, commonly known as a root canal, was the most appropriate course of action. The initial procedure was performed successfully, and the president handled it well without any complications.

Unfortunately, due to the ongoing dental treatment, President Biden was unable to host the College Athlete Day celebration at the White House as planned. However, Vice President Harris stepped in as his substitute, ensuring that the event continued smoothly. The occasion honored the men’s and women’s NCAA championship teams from the 2022-2023 season.

As the president’s schedule may undergo further changes this week, it remains uncertain when he will fully recover from the dental procedure. Nonetheless, we wish President Biden a swift and successful recovery.

The root canal procedure marks the first major health incident for President Biden since his general health evaluation in February. At that time, he was deemed “vigorous” and “healthy.” However, it is worth noting that the evaluation did not include information about any mental examination.

Stay tuned for further updates on President Biden’s recovery and his return to his official duties. Despite this setback, we hope that his dental woes will soon be behind him, allowing him to focus on the pressing matters facing our nation.

Source Fox News