Why This STANDOFF Could Be Costly for the Country, You Need To See THIS

The Biden administration is finalizing a proposal that would require fossil fuel-fired power plants to reduce their carbon emissions or face costly carbon capture technology. The proposed regulation, which will be released by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), is expected to be issued in spring 2023, with a final rule set for summer 2024.

While the proposed regulation has been met with skepticism from many Republicans, the Biden administration believes that action is necessary to combat climate change. The electric power sector accounts for approximately 25% of total US emissions, making it a key target for emissions reductions.

As Republicans, we must advocate for policies that balance environmental protection with economic growth. It’s important that we support efforts to reduce emissions in a responsible and practical manner, rather than pushing for measures that harm American businesses and consumers.

source https://www.foxnews.com/politics/biden-admin-preparing-major-crackdown-power-plants-fuel-nations-grid