Why Is This Unsettling Trend Happening Under Biden’s Watch?

The recent revelation of a 20% gender pay gap within the White House, despite President Biden’s calls for equal pay, exposes a glaring hypocrisy. The annual pay report, detailing the salaries of over 440 staff members, reveals men earning a median of $105,000, while women earn just $84,000.


President Biden’s own house has a significant gender pay gap, contradicting his calls for equal pay.
Analysis by Mark Perry shows that women in the White House earn 80 cents for every dollar earned by men.

The “”composition effect”” argument blames the gap on a higher number of women in lower-paid roles.
Exceptions, like White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, earning $180,000, don’t negate the broader inequality.
The White House’s gender pay gap surpasses the national average, exposing a disconnect from Biden’s professed ideals.


As conservatives, we value honesty and integrity in our leaders. The disparity between President Biden’s words and actions regarding equal pay is deeply troubling. It’s essential to hold our leaders accountable and demand transparency in addressing such crucial issues. This revelation highlights the importance of walking the talk, and we’ll continue to scrutinize the facts to ensure our leaders uphold the principles they profess.

Source Fox News