Why Is This Southern State Lashing Out At The President?

President Biden faces bipartisan backlash over his decision to cancel the relocation of the U.S. Space Command Headquarters from Colorado to Alabama. Rep. Terri Sewell, a staunch ally, criticized the move, accusing the administration of prioritizing politics over merit.

Five Takeaways:

Huntsville, Alabama, was the clear favorite for Air Force leaders, with multiple reports confirming its superiority.
Accusations of political motivations in the decision-making process have fueled bipartisan discontent.
Sen. Tommy Tuberville raised concerns about the decision setting a dangerous precedent for using military bases as political rewards.
The White House denied any political influence and emphasized the decision’s focus on operational readiness.
Republicans and Democrats, including Alabama’s congressional delegation, stand united against the administration’s choice.


The decision to keep the Space Command in Colorado instead of moving it to Huntsville has sparked bipartisan criticism. President Biden must address the concerns raised by his allies and clarify the reasons behind this choice. The controversy surrounding this move highlights the importance of putting national security above political considerations. Moving forward, the administration must prioritize merit and objective criteria to ensure the best outcome for our nation’s defense.

Source Fox News