Who’s Not Talking About The Major Issue, You Won’t Believe It

Vice President Kamala Harris’s actions continue to raise eyebrows as she prioritizes political fundraising over addressing the pressing border crisis. Her recent attendance at a fundraiser in Atlanta, just hours after the expiration of Title 42, speaks volumes about her misplaced priorities.

While thousands of migrants flood our borders, overwhelming border agents and posing a significant national security risk, Harris chooses to focus on hobnobbing with wealthy elites rather than tackling the crisis head-on. This disregard for the safety and security of American citizens is deeply concerning.

Republicans in Georgia rightly criticized Harris for campaigning for funds while border communities descend into chaos and inflation continued to rise. It is clear that Harris’s actions do not align with the leadership and responsibility expected of a Vice President.

When confronted about the criticism, Harris deflected blame onto Congress, echoing the administration’s ongoing narrative. However, it is important to remember that Harris was appointed by President Biden as the designated “border czar” to address the migration issue. Yet, under her watch, encounters at the border have reached all-time highs, exposing her failure to effectively manage the crisis.

The recent judicial intervention, with a federal judge blocking the administration’s policy to release migrants without court dates, further highlights the administration’s flawed approach.

It is a reminder that the rule of law must prevail, and immigration policies should be based on lawful procedures.

The lack of leadership and accountability displayed by Harris is deeply troubling. The American people deserve a Vice President who prioritizes the nation’s security and addresses the pressing challenges at hand.

It is time for Harris to take immediate action, show real leadership, and implement effective solutions to secure our borders and protect American citizens.

Source Fox News