Who Just Cleared Biden of Any Blame? It Might Surprise You

Rep. Barbara Lee, a Democrat from California, recently defended President Biden’s administration against blame for the chaotic withdrawal of U.S. forces from Afghanistan. She shifted the responsibility to former President Donald Trump, citing his agreement with the Taliban and the alleged gutting of the State Department.

However, a State Department report reveals that both Trump and Biden failed to adequately consider worst-case scenarios. The consequences of the botched withdrawal are dire, with Afghan civilians suffering under the oppressive Taliban regime, and brave servicemen and women losing their lives in a suicide bombing. Republicans must hold President Biden accountable, demand transparency, and restore American strength on the global stage.


President Biden’s hasty and poorly executed withdrawal from Afghanistan exposes his lack of leadership and strategic planning.
Blaming former President Trump for the agreement with the Taliban does not absolve Biden of his responsibility to assess the evolving situation and adjust the strategy accordingly.
The State Department report indicates that both Trump and Biden failed to adequately consider worst-case scenarios and the potential for a rapid collapse in Afghanistan.
The consequences of the botched withdrawal include the suffering of Afghan civilians under Taliban rule and the tragic loss of American lives defending the evacuation.
Republicans must demand accountability, transparency, and a thorough investigation into the decision-making process that led to this catastrophic failure. Restoring American strength and leadership is crucial for the nation’s security and standing in the world.


The events surrounding the withdrawal of U.S. forces from Afghanistan have been deeply troubling. Rep. Barbara Lee’s attempt to shift blame from President Biden to former President Trump is nothing more than partisan rhetoric. It is clear that President Biden bears responsibility for the lack of strategic planning and leadership that characterized the withdrawal.

The State Department’s own report highlights the insufficient consideration given to worst-case scenarios by both Trump and Biden. This lack of foresight has had dire consequences, with Afghan civilians now suffering under Taliban rule and American servicemen and women paying the ultimate price defending the evacuation.

As Republicans, we cannot let this failure go unaddressed. We must hold President Biden accountable for his actions and demand transparency and a thorough investigation. Our national security and the lives of innocent people should never be compromised due to incompetence.

Moreover, it is crucial that we restore American strength and leadership on the global stage. Our enemies are emboldened by our weaknesses, and it is imperative that we learn from the mistakes made in Afghanistan. We owe it to our brave servicemen and women who fought valiantly to demand answers, accountability, and better leadership for the future of our great nation.

Source Fox News