Was There A Biden Influence Trade? The Real Story Unveils

In a surprising moment of candor, Democratic Congressman Jim Himes acknowledged that if Hunter Biden indeed broke the law, he should face prosecution. The concerns surrounding Hunter Biden’s legal troubles pertain to potential tax issues and the ownership of a handgun.

While Himes criticized Republicans for their silence during Trump’s indictments, he also emphasized the necessity of accountability for Hunter Biden, should he have leveraged his father’s influence for unlawful activities. As of now, there is no concrete evidence linking President Biden to his son’s actions, but Himes stressed the importance of thoroughly investigating any future evidence that may emerge.


Congressman Himes advocated for holding Hunter Biden accountable if he violated the law.
There is currently no evidence implicating President Biden in his son’s legal situation.
Fairness and transparency are crucial aspects of dealing with such matters.
Hunter Biden pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor tax counts, but the plea deal did not materialize.
The White House has provided unwavering support for Hunter Biden, considering it a personal matter for a private citizen.


As dedicated Republican voters, it is essential to stay actively involved in this ongoing matter. We must uphold the principles of accountability, fairness, and transparency, ensuring that all individuals, regardless of their political affiliations, are subject to the rule of law.

While there is no evidence tying President Biden to his son’s legal troubles presently, we must be vigilant and open to any potential future developments. Our focus should remain on seeking justice and equality for all citizens under the law.

Source Fox News