Unseen Influence: Is There More to Your News Feed Than Meets the Eye

The House Weaponization Subcommittee’s report reveals that the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has allegedly engaged in censorship and collusion with Big Tech and government-funded intermediaries during the Biden administration.

CISA, originally focused on cybersecurity and infrastructure protection, expanded its mission to monitor all forms of “disinformation,” including American citizens’ speech.
The report exposes CISA’s use of reporting portals to indirectly censor content and its attempts to cover up its unconstitutional activities.


CISA’s overreach: The report highlights how CISA has overstepped its original purpose by surveilling American citizens and attempting to control the narrative through censorship.
Collusion with Big Tech: CISA’s alleged collusion with Big Tech and government-funded entities reveals a concerning partnership that undermines free speech and the principles of a fair and open discourse.
Constitutional violations: CISA’s actions infringe upon Americans’ First Amendment rights, as it seeks to dictate what information is acceptable for public consumption.
Lack of transparency: The report uncovers CISA’s attempts to conceal its unconstitutional activities by removing references to domestic “misinformation” and “disinformation” from its website, demonstrating a lack of transparency and accountability.
Urgent need for scrutiny: Chairman Jordan and his committee’s investigation sheds light on the growing concerns surrounding Big Tech censorship and government overreach, emphasizing the importance of continued scrutiny and protection of our constitutional rights.


The revelations brought forth by the House Weaponization Subcommittee’s report are deeply troubling. They expose an agency, CISA, that was intended to protect our critical infrastructure, but has transformed into a surveillance and censorship powerhouse. The collusion between CISA and Big Tech, along with their attempts to cover up their actions, undermine the very fabric of our democracy.

These findings should serve as a rallying cry for all Americans who value their constitutional rights. We cannot allow our voices to be silenced or controlled by government agencies. Chairman Jordan and his committee deserve praise for their commitment to uncovering the truth and holding those responsible accountable.

It is crucial that we remain vigilant and demand transparency from our government. Our right to free speech and expression must be safeguarded, and any attempts to stifle these fundamental liberties must be vehemently opposed.

This report reaffirms the need for continued investigation into the collusion between Big Tech and government entities. We must restore trust in our democratic institutions and ensure that every American’s voice is heard, regardless of their political beliefs. Only by defending our rights and demanding accountability can we preserve the principles that make our nation strong.

In conclusion, the House Weaponization Subcommittee’s report exposes the disturbing actions of CISA and the collusion with Big Tech. It is now our responsibility to stay informed, remain engaged, and fight for the preservation of our constitutional rights.

Brooke Singman is a Fox News Digital politics reporter. You can reach her at Brooke.Singman@Fox.com or @BrookeSingman on Twitter. Stay informed and stand up for our freedoms.

Source Fox News