Unbelievable Revelations From The IRS, It Involves More Than You Think

Attorneys representing IRS whistleblowers have exposed the Biden administration’s retaliation tactics, alleging internal reprisals against those involved in the federal inquiry into Hunter Biden.

The whistleblowers faced unjust promotions denial and removal from their roles for exercising their constitutional right to petition Congress. The lawyers express disappointment with Congress’ lack of action and call for the protection of these whistleblowers and other concerned IRS employees.


  1. IRS whistleblowers face intimidation and retaliation for exposing the truth.
  2. The Biden administration’s actions raise concerns about corruption and abuse of power.
  3. Congress must prioritize the safety and protection of whistleblowers and hold those responsible accountable.
  4. Transparency and accountability are essential in upholding justice and restoring faith in the government.
  5. Defending the rights of whistleblowers is crucial to protect the integrity of our institutions.

The disturbing allegations of retaliation against IRS whistleblowers by the Biden administration reveal a deep-seated problem within our government. The actions taken against these brave individuals are an affront to their rights and the principles upon which our nation was built.

Congress must rise above partisan politics and act swiftly to protect these whistleblowers and ensure justice is served. The American people deserve transparency, accountability, and a government that upholds the rule of law.

It is our collective responsibility to demand justice and defend the rights of those who expose corruption.

Source Fox News