Unbelievable: President Biden caught in a major lie about Hunter Biden’s business.

In a recent interview with Fox News Digital, Republican Representative Darrell Issa accused President Joe Biden of lying about his involvement in his son Hunter Biden’s business dealings. Issa criticized the White House Counsel’s office for evading questions on the matter.

The scrutiny intensified when the House Ways and Means Committee released testimony from IRS whistleblowers alleging political influence in the Justice Department’s investigation into Hunter Biden. The president’s changing narrative and mounting evidence have fueled doubts about his relationship with his son’s business ventures.


Representative Issa accuses President Biden of dishonesty regarding his involvement in Hunter Biden’s business dealings.
The White House Counsel’s office is under scrutiny for evading questions and obstructing transparency.
Testimony from IRS whistleblowers raises concerns about political influence in the investigation.
The president’s shifting narrative casts doubt on previous denials of business communications with Hunter Biden.
The mounting evidence, including emails and alleged conversations, adds to the controversy surrounding the president’s connection to his son’s business ventures.


The revelations surrounding President Biden’s alleged dishonesty in his son’s business dealings are deeply troubling. The American people deserve transparency and honesty from their leaders. The White House Counsel’s office’s refusal to provide answers only raises more questions and undermines trust in the administration.

The testimony from IRS whistleblowers adds weight to the concerns of political influence and obstruction in the investigation into Hunter Biden. If true, these allegations represent a significant breach of integrity and highlight the need for a thorough examination of the matter.

The president’s shifting narrative regarding his involvement with Hunter Biden’s business ventures raises serious doubts about the veracity of previous denials. The mounting evidence, including emails and alleged conversations, cannot be ignored.

As Republicans, it is our duty to hold our leaders accountable and demand transparency. We must continue to seek the truth and ensure that investigations into these matters are conducted with integrity. The American people deserve a government that operates with honesty and integrity, and it is our responsibility to uphold these values.

Source Fox News