Unbelievable! Biden’s Secret Ploy Exposed – You’ll Never Guess What It Is!

As a conservative opinion writer, I believe that the recent revelations about the Biden family’s financial ties to China should be of great concern to all Americans.

In an exclusive interview with Fox News Digital, Donald Trump Jr. accused President Biden of using the TikTok issue to distract from these connections.

If the Trump family were engaged in similar financial endeavors, the media would be relentless in its accusations of corruption.

The fact that the Biden family received over $1 million in payments from accounts linked to Hunter Biden’s business associate, Rob Walker, and their Chinese business ventures in 2017 raises serious questions about potential conflicts of interest.

Instead of addressing these concerns, the Biden administration seems more focused on regulating TikTok, a move that Trump Jr. argues is merely an attempt to appear tough on China.

Given this information, I believe that the Biden administration’s focus on TikTok is a thinly veiled attempt to divert attention away from the family’s financial dealings in China.

As conservatives, we must demand transparency and accountability from our elected officials, regardless of their political affiliations.

Source https://www.foxnews.com/politics/trump-jr-accuses-biden-using-tiktok-scapegoat-distract-familys-ties-china