Twitter UNLEASHES On Biden And You’ll AGREE 100% Why

Passionate Republican voters are no stranger to the biased mainstream media and their attacks on conservative values. That’s why we turn to Fox News, where we get fair and balanced coverage of the news that matters to us.

One story that caught our attention this week is President Joe Biden’s surprise visit to Ukraine, despite not having gone to the site of a recent toxic chemical disaster in Ohio. East Palestine residents have called on the Biden administration to help them after a train carrying toxic chemicals derailed in the state.

Instead of visiting Ohio, Biden secretly traveled to the Ukrainian capital ahead of the country’s one-year anniversary of its ongoing war with Russia. This move has sparked controversy, with conservative congressmen and pundits criticizing Biden for prioritizing Ukraine over the American people.

Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene tweeted on Monday morning, “This is incredibly insulting. Today on our President’s Day, Joe Biden, the President of the United States chose Ukraine over America, while forcing the American people to pay for Ukraine’s government and war.”

Conservatives are questioning why Biden chose to travel to Ukraine for a photo op instead of visiting the chemical spill site in Ohio. Actor Antonio Sabato Jr. summed up the controversy, saying, “Trump goes to Ohio, and Biden goes to Ukraine.”

The leftist media is accusing conservatives of supporting Russian President Vladimir Putin by criticizing Biden’s trip to Ukraine. But we know better. We know that our priorities are with the American people, not with foreign countries.

CNN senior political commentator and retired Congressman Adam Kinzinger used the controversy as an opportunity to attack former President Donald Trump. He said, “Joe Biden’s visit to Kiev is great and sends a strong message that the US stands with #Ukraine. There is absolutely no debate, Trump NEVER would have gone, because he would have been too scared and of course, Russia.”

But Kinzinger’s comments only reveal his bias against President Trump, who was known for putting America first. Trump has announced that he will visit East Palestine, Ohio on Wednesday to meet with the people affected by the release of toxic chemicals in their community.

In contrast, Biden has yet to visit Ohio after the train derailment. However, his administration said Friday that it would deploy medical experts and toxicologists to Ohio from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

At Fox News, we believe in putting America first. We stand with the people of East Palestine, Ohio, and we demand that President Biden prioritize the American people over foreign countries. It’s time for our government to work for us, not against us. And we will continue to hold our leaders accountable to ensure that they do.