Trump’s Publishing A NEW Book, Though The CONTENT Of It ISN’T What You’d Expect

In his latest book, ‘Letters to Trump,’ President Donald J. Trump shares a collection of 150 personal letters he received over the course of 40+ years. These letters offer a unique perspective on historical events and showcase a time when exchanging casual letters between celebrities was commonplace.

From world leaders to celebrities, athletes, and business magnates, these letters offer insight into Trump’s influence among the world’s elite. Each letter has been carefully selected by Trump himself and is accompanied by his original commentary, providing a personal touch to these historic documents.

While some letters express admiration and friendship towards Trump, others reveal a more complicated relationship. Trump wrote that he still considered Winfrey “amazing,” but admits it’s not mutual. “Sadly, once I announced for President, she never spoke to me again.”

Published by Winning Team Publishing, ‘Letters to Trump’ offers a glimpse into the private collection of letters from notable figures who have played a role in shaping the United States and the world.

As someone who values understanding the impact of influential figures, I believe that ‘Letters to Trump’ provides a unique perspective on this. I encourage everyone to read this book and gain insight into the world of the elites.