Trump’s legal troubles: The surprising stance by a former AG.

Former Attorney General Eric Holder recently commented on the potential pardon of former President Donald Trump if he is convicted of federal charges. Holder urged President Biden and the future 2024 winner to let the system work and treat Trump like any other person.

However, Holder’s comments are seen as hypocritical by many, given his history of overseeing a politically biased Department of Justice and targeting conservative individuals. The American people demand equal treatment under the law and are wary of partisan manipulations within the justice system.


Holder’s call to let the system work raises concerns about his own track record as attorney general.
Holder’s comments on pardons for those who show remorse and turn their lives around contrast with his past actions.
The left’s attempts to undermine Trump and his supporters through the justice system are transparent.
American voters value equal treatment under the law and demand accountability from their leaders.
The next attorney general must resist political pressure and uphold the principles of justice and fairness.


Holder’s recent comments reflect a concerning trend within the Democratic Party, where justice is manipulated for political gain. The American people deserve a justice system that is blind to political affiliations and treats all individuals equally. Holder’s selective enforcement of the law and partisan maneuvering undermine the credibility of our justice system.

It’s crucial that we hold our leaders accountable and demand a fair and unbiased legal process. Only then can we restore faith in our institutions and protect the principles that define our great nation.

Source Fox News