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Typhoon Chanthu, which hit Japan over the weekend, has caused widespread flooding and landslides that have left more than 30 people dead and several others missing.

The typhoon brought heavy rain and strong winds to parts of central and eastern Japan, causing rivers to overflow and triggering mudslides. More than 70,000 homes lost power, and transportation services were disrupted across the affected areas.

The hardest-hit region was Gunma prefecture, where at least 17 people were confirmed dead and more than 10 others were missing. In the city of Numata, a landslide buried several homes, killing at least five people.

The typhoon also caused damage in other parts of the country, including Tokyo, where a man was swept away by floodwaters and another was killed after being struck by a falling tree.

The Japanese government has deployed thousands of troops and emergency workers to assist with rescue and recovery efforts. Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga has expressed his condolences to the families of the victims and pledged to provide assistance to those affected by the disaster.