Trump’s EXPLOSIVE Comment on America’s Greatest Threat, You Won’t Believe What He Said

President Donald Trump’s recent comments at a rally in Waco, TX, where he claimed that high-level politicians in the United States government are a greater threat to American democracy than foreign adversaries, have sparked a heated debate among political commentators.

Some argue that Trump’s comments are deeply concerning and that singling out individual politicians as enemies of the state is a dangerous tactic that could lead to further division and polarization.

Others, however, agree with Trump’s assessment that the political establishment has become too corrupt and self-serving and that this poses a greater threat to the country than external enemies.

Ultimately, the question of whether the political establishment is a greater threat to American democracy than foreign adversaries is a complex one, with no easy answers.

While foreign adversaries certainly pose a significant danger to American security, it is also clear that there are serious issues with the political system in America that need to be addressed.

One thing is certain: the political divide in America is growing wider, and there is a growing sense of distrust towards the political establishment.

Unless steps are taken to address this divide and restore trust in the political system, it is likely that the threat to American democracy will continue to grow.