This Unlikely Source Has Some Worrying News, You’ll Be Shocked

The southern border crisis has reached alarming levels under the Biden administration.

Democratic Representative Henry Cuellar of Texas has voiced concerns about the administration’s handling of the situation. With the expiration of the Trump-era Title 42 policy, the number of illegal border crossings is expected to rise significantly.

Border Patrol facilities are already operating well beyond capacity, leading to the release of migrants onto city streets. This poses a threat to national security and sends the wrong message to potential migrants.


  1. The Biden administration’s mishandling of the border crisis is jeopardizing national security.
  2. Border Patrol facilities are overwhelmed, and releasing migrants onto city streets further strains local resources.
  3. The termination of Title 42 encourages more illegal border crossings.
  4. Rep. Cuellar estimates a surge of 150,000 migrants from Mexico border states once the policy is lifted.
  5. Immediate action is necessary to secure the border, protect American citizens, and restore order.

The Biden administration’s approach to border security is deeply concerning. The southern border crisis has reached unprecedented levels, with thousands of illegal crossings in just a few days.

By terminating the effective Title 42 policy, the administration is sending the wrong message to those considering illegal migration. This not only compromises national security but also puts an immense strain on our already overwhelmed Border Patrol facilities.

It’s time for the administration to acknowledge the severity of the crisis, reverse its decision on Title 42, and implement effective measures to secure our borders.

The safety and well-being of American citizens should be the top priority, and it’s crucial that we hold the administration accountable for its failures.

Source Fox News