‘The View’ Hosts SPAR Over Walgreens Abortion Controversy, THEIR Take Will Have You Pulling Your Hair Out

On a recent episode of “The View,” the co-hosts had a heated discussion about California Governor Gavin Newsom’s call to cut ties with Walgreens due to the company’s refusal to sell abortion pills in certain states that have differing regulations.

Co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin argued that Newsom was targeting the wrong entity by going after a private company that was simply following state laws.

Whoopi Goldberg, however, pushed back and referred to letters sent to Walgreens and CVS by 20 Republican state attorneys general warning the companies that their plan to distribute abortion pills through the mail might violate state and federal laws.

Goldberg argued that Newsom’s target was the attorney generals, not Walgreens. Co-host Sunny Hostin added that Newsom had the power to make corporations be “good corporate citizens.”

Farah Griffin maintained her stance that Walgreens should not be the target and instead suggested taking the issue up with the state that passed the law. She also pointed out that other companies, including CVS and Amazon, would face similar issues.

Joy Behar added her opinion, saying that Walgreens should respond to the AG’s warnings by refusing to sell Viagra pills, and that someone needed to stand up for women’s rights.

Overall, the discussion highlighted the tension between state laws and a company’s decision on what to sell. While some argued that Newsom was targeting the wrong entity, others believed that Walgreens had a responsibility to be a “good corporate citizen” and prioritize women’s health over potential legal issues.