The Verdict Is In! And It’s Not What Everyone Expected.

A federal judge, Lewis Kaplan, dismissed former President Donald Trump’s counterclaim in the defamation case brought against him by E. Jean Carroll. This comes after Carroll was awarded $5 million in a similar case where she accused Trump of sexually abusing her in 1996 and defaming her in 2022. Judge Kaplan also granted Carroll’s legal team the authority to deliver tapes of Trump’s deposition to the Manhattan District Attorney’s office.


Federal judge dismisses Trump’s counterclaim in E. Jean Carroll case.
Carroll awarded $5 million in damages in a previous similar case against Trump.
Judge Kaplan allows delivery of Trump’s deposition tapes to the Manhattan DA’s office.
Trump denies the allegations and criticizes the Justice Department’s lack of support.
Vigilance is needed to ensure justice is served without political bias.


The decision by Judge Kaplan to dismiss Trump’s counterclaim might have significant consequences for both parties involved. It’s crucial for passionate Republican voters to keep an eye on the case’s developments and ensure a fair and unbiased outcome. Let’s stay engaged and informed as the situation unfolds. Justice must prevail, regardless of political affiliations.

Source Fox News