The US Economy Under Biden, This Hidden Scandal You Need to Know

Hey there, fellow Republicans! It looks like the Democrats’ inflationary agenda is taking a toll on the American people, particularly lower-income Americans.

According to a recent survey, 61% of lower-income Americans say they are worse off than a year ago. That’s the highest number since the Great Recession, and it’s all thanks to Joe Biden and the Democrats. But that’s not all.

Experts are warning of a projected recession, with the recent Silicon Valley Banking crash serving as a warning sign. Even the Federal Reserve is facing a tough decision.

On one hand, they could slow down the pace at which they’re raising interest rates to prevent inflation from getting worse. But on the other hand, this could lead to a slower economy.

JPMorgan strategists are even saying that the Fed is already past the point of no return, with a soft landing looking unlikely. The airplane is in a tailspin, with a lack of market confidence and engines about to turn off bank lending.

It’s time for us to take action and support candidates who will stand up for the American people and our economy. Let’s keep fighting to make America great again!