The Unexpected TRUTH Behind Tucker Carlson’s Future Plans, That Will Leave You Speechless

Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson is making waves in the media world with his plan to moderate his own GOP candidate forum for the 2024 presidential election. Carlson’s ambitious plan challenges his former employer, Fox News, which is hosting the first official primary debate, and offers voters a fresh voice in the election cycle.

Despite his current contract with Fox News running until the end of 2024, sources close to Carlson suggest that he may be willing to accept a lesser amount than he is owed in order to re-enter the media game sooner than that. Valuetainment CEO Patrick Bet-David has reportedly offered Carlson $100 million over five years and full editorial control of the largely streaming network.

While any possible deal would boil down to unresolved questions of money and editorial control, Carlson’s potential to shake up the 2024 presidential election cannot be denied.

Multiple smaller cable news networks have approached Carlson, including One America News, Newsmax, and Valuetainment, and his plan to moderate his own GOP candidate forum could be a game-changer that shakes up the entire political landscape in 2024.

Source conservativebrief