The UNEXPECTED Leader in AI Government Regulation, You’ll Never Guess


Senator Gary Peters, a Michigan Democrat and chair of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, plans to hold a series of hearings on artificial intelligence (AI) to educate his colleagues about the emerging technology.

The senator intends to hear from a range of speakers, including government officials, business leaders, and civil rights and civil liberties advocates, to get a comprehensive picture of AI.

Peters believes that taking the time to gather as much information as possible is crucial before considering regulation.


  1. Senator Gary Peters is planning a series of hearings on AI to educate his colleagues.
  2. The senator wants to hear from a broad range of speakers to get a comprehensive picture of AI.
  3. Peters introduced a bill in 2020 to educate government employees who procure AI technology.
  4. The senator believes that learning about the technology is necessary before considering regulation.
  5. Peters thinks that imposing regulation before having a complete picture of what needs to be done and where we should keep our hands off is unwise.


Artificial intelligence is a complex and rapidly evolving technology that has significant implications for society. Senator Peters’ decision to hold hearings on AI is an important step in ensuring that policymakers have a comprehensive understanding of the technology.

It is crucial to hear from a diverse range of stakeholders to get a complete picture of AI’s risks and opportunities.

While innovation is essential, regulation is necessary to ensure that AI is used responsibly and ethically. Senator Peters’ cautious approach to regulation is a wise one, as imposing regulation before having a complete picture of what needs to be done could impede innovation unnecessarily.

Source Fox News