The Unexpected Guest On Biden’s Bike Ride.

President Biden’s leisurely bike ride in Delaware raised questions amidst the ongoing Ukraine scandal involving his son, Hunter Biden’s business dealings. Former associate Devon Archer’s testimony indicates Biden’s frequent communication with Hunter’s business partners over ten years. Republicans are concerned about Biden’s credibility, while Democrats attempt to minimize his involvement.


Biden’s bike ride amid a scandal calls for scrutiny.
Devon Archer’s testimony raises doubts about Biden’s claims.
Republicans are divided on the prospect of impeachment.
Democrats downplay the significance of Biden’s phone calls.
Unity among Republican voters is essential to seek truth and accountability.


Fellow Republicans, we must stay focused on seeking the truth and holding those in power accountable. Let’s handle this situation strategically and remain united, ensuring justice prevails in the face of the Ukraine scandal. We must stand firm and demand transparency from our leaders, regardless of political affiliations. Together, we can make a difference and uphold the principles that our party holds dear.

Source Fox News