The Unanticipated Player Speaking Out on Border Control

Republican presidential candidate Ron DeSantis unveiled a comprehensive border security plan during a high-profile event in Eagle Pass, Texas. His plan aims to address the border crisis, combat drug cartels, and curb illegal immigration.

DeSantis criticized the Biden administration for its neglect and intentional failures, which have allowed Mexican drug cartels to gain control over our border. If elected, DeSantis promises to declare a national emergency on day one and take immediate action to secure the border, including building the wall and enforcing the law. His proposals resonate with passionate Republican voters concerned about the surge in border crossings.

DeSantis has already taken significant steps as Florida Governor, signing an anti-illegal immigration bill and implementing a program to relocate illegal immigrants. He has also responded to requests for assistance from other states, deploying law enforcement and resources to the border.


DeSantis vows to stop the invasion at the southern border and fight drug cartels.
He criticizes the Biden administration for neglecting border security and allowing drug cartels to gain control.
DeSantis plans to declare a national emergency on day one if elected President.
His proposals include building the border wall and collaborating with states to enforce the law.
DeSantis has already taken action as Florida Governor, signing an anti-illegal immigration bill and deploying resources to assist other states.


Ron DeSantis’s border security plan demonstrates his unwavering commitment to protecting our nation and addressing the pressing issue of illegal immigration. Republican voters can trust that DeSantis will take decisive action to secure the border and combat drug cartels.

His proposals align with conservative values, emphasizing the importance of the rule of law and sovereignty. DeSantis’s track record as Florida Governor further validates his dedication to addressing the border crisis.

It’s time for a leader who will prioritize the safety and security of our country. With DeSantis, we can be confident that the invasion will be stopped, and our borders will be secure.

Source Fox News