The Truth is Out: Biden Family’s Illegal Activities With Classified Information Exposed

The Biden administration’s corruption and illegal activities have once again been exposed, this time through a series of emails that have been uncovered from Hunter Biden’s laptop. These emails show a pattern of abuse of classified information, espionage, and illegal dealings with foreign entities.

Acc. to Gateway Pundit, TGP recently reported that Hunter Biden was receiving classified State Department briefings on a regular basis and used this information to further the interests of the Biden family business. The New York Post’s Miranda Devine even provided an email that appeared to contain classified material from the US government.

Now, TGP has uncovered yet another email showing the Biden family’s criminal activities with classified information and espionage. This email, sent from Sean Keeley of Blue Star Strategies, was sent to individuals at Rosemont Seneca, including Hunter Biden, as well as individuals at Blue Star Strategies and Burisma.

It is worth noting that Blue Star Strategies has been under investigation by the Department of Justice since 2021 for allegedly lobbying the US government on behalf of Burisma without registering under the Foreign Agent Registration Act (FARA).

The email in question includes a memo from a White House conference call regarding Joe Biden’s trip to Ukraine. This is particularly concerning as it not only includes the trip’s agenda but also outlines the Biden/Obama policy on Ukraine, making it illegal to share as it is classified information.

The attachment in the email was a memo of a White House conference call, which is classified and therefore illegal to share. The way the email is worded suggests that this was not the first time Blue Star Strategies received classified information like this, further implicating the Biden administration in illegal activities.

It is clear that the Biden family has been using their power and influence to advance their personal interests, at the expense of the American people and national security. The corruption within the Biden administration must be exposed and brought to justice.

This latest revelation only adds to the growing evidence of the Biden family’s criminal activities. It is time for the American people to demand accountability and for the justice system to do its job in bringing these corrupt individuals to justice.

The Democrats and the mainstream media have tried to cover up the truth, but the facts speak for themselves. It is time for the truth to be heard and for the Biden administration to be held accountable.