The Truth About Those “Shell Companies” Revealed

The Biden corruption scandal is deepening, with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy expressing confidence in gathering enough evidence for a potential impeachment inquiry against President Biden. Recent revelations from the House Oversight Committee unveiled a financial relationship between Hunter Biden and a Romanian national convicted of corruption. Payments exceeding $1 million to “Biden shell companies” during Joe Biden’s vice presidency further raise concerns.


Troubling Revelations: Hunter Biden’s financial ties with a convicted Romanian national while his father served as vice president are concerning.

Credible Testimony: The testimonies of two IRS investigators before Congress have added weight to the corruption allegations.

Questions Persist: President Biden’s denial of any involvement in Hunter’s business dealings contrasts with mounting evidence.

Pursuit of Truth: Republican efforts to follow the evidence have brought the scandal to light, signaling a potential impeachment inquiry.

Accountability Matters: President Biden’s alleged use of government power to obstruct oversight raises serious concerns.


Fellow Republicans, the Biden corruption scandal demands our attention and action. The mounting evidence and credible testimonies suggest that an impeachment inquiry may be warranted. It is crucial for us to remain steadfast in our pursuit of truth and accountability. Let’s continue to stand united, upholding our conservative principles, as we navigate these troubling times.

Source Fox News