The Talk of the Town, This News Show is Leaving Rivals in Its Wake

Fox News has once again proven its dominance in the cable news sphere, surpassing MSNBC and CNN in total viewers.

With Tucker Carlson’s show becoming the highest-rated program in all of the cable news, Fox News prime time averaged over 3 million viewers throughout the day, leaving competitors far behind.

However, the airing of previously unseen security footage from the Jan. 6 riot on Carlson’s show sparked controversy.


Fox News captured first place with 1.54 million total day viewers and 178,000 demo viewers. MSNBC and CNN were left trailing in second and third place, respectively.

Tucker Carlson’s show became the highest-rated program on cable news. Fox News prime time averaged over 3 million viewers, crushing the competition.

The airing of previously unseen Jan. 6 riot footage on Carlson’s show drew criticism. Commentary: As a passionate Republican, I cannot help but feel a sense of pride in Fox News’ continued success in the cable news arena.

This triumph sends a clear message to Joe Biden and his liberal supporters that the conservative voice remains strong and unwavering.

While some may criticize Tucker Carlson’s coverage of the Jan. 6 riot, his show’s impressive ratings prove that the hunger for a conservative perspective is alive and well.

The liberal media should take note: conservatives are here to stay.