The Surprising New Voice Criticizing Biden’s Leadership, You Need To See This

Joe Biden has always been an easy target for Republicans. He is a career politician who has been in Washington, D.C. for over four decades. During his time in the Senate, he authored and championed several bills that conservatives have long criticized as harmful to American interests.

But now that he is President, the stakes are higher, and the attacks are coming faster and more ferociously than ever. Republicans have seized on any and every opportunity to criticize Biden, from his handling of the pandemic to his handling of the economy, to his handling of foreign policy.

Of course, there is no shortage of legitimate criticism to be made of Biden. His administration’s border policy has been a disaster, and his energy policies will likely result in higher prices and a less reliable energy grid. But the fact that Republicans are so eager to pounce on every misstep, whether real or imagined, speaks to a deeper problem within the party.

Republicans need to focus less on attacking Biden and more on offering their own vision for the country. What are their solutions to the problems facing America today? How do they plan to create jobs, secure the border, and protect American interests abroad?

As long as Republicans continue to focus solely on attacking Biden, they will be seen as a party without ideas, without solutions, and without a clear vision for the future.