The STUNNING Development in the Biden Controversy, That Has Everyone Talking

In summary, Biden’s impeachment may be on the horizon due to the information provided by the IRS whistleblower, which contradicts testimony from a senior official of the Department of Justice. If this evidence reaches Biden, it could lead to his impeachment.


Biden could be impeached due to the Hunter Biden scandal
Evidence shows illegal money from Chinese communists flowing into the White House via Hunter Biden and his lawyers
An IRS whistleblower has come forward with information that could contradict a senior official of the Department of Justice

Biden’s attorney claims that the whistleblower committed a felony
The whistleblower has asked for protection from members of Congress


The potential impeachment of Joe Biden is a critical moment for our country. The corruption of the Biden family has been an issue for years, and it is time for justice to be served.

We need a president who is above reproach and can lead our country with integrity. The evidence provided by the whistleblower shows that the Biden family is not fit to hold public office. We need to hold them accountable and ensure that this never happens again.