The Shocking Truth About The Left’s Secret Agenda That Republicans Need To Know About Now!

The left’s push to force all things to become LGBT has been moving at an alarming rate, from “just leave us alone” to “you will affirm and celebrate us at every opportunity” in record time. It’s been only a decade since the Obergefell decision, which many warned was a slippery slope, and now everything must be LGBT.

Corporations and sporting events are tripping over themselves to adorn their logos with rainbow colors, and even at the government level, there are constant shows of obedience to the LGBT lobby.

Rep. Adam Schiff has taken this to a new level, claiming that not flying an LGBT flag on government property is an act of “hate.” But why does a pride flag need to be flown on government property? Some might say it’s a show of support for the protection of equal rights by the government for specific demographics.

However, it’s equally the government’s job to provide equal rights to religious people. Should Huntington Beach be flying Christian flags on its public properties? The answer is clear, Rep. Adam Schiff wouldn’t support that.

To fly an LGBT flag on government property is simply an observation of the left’s secular religion. The left’s plan is to make all things in the image of LGBT, and everyone must like it and fully support it. But we can all say no to this nonsense.

America guarantees certain freedoms, but it does not guarantee the affirmation of others, especially in violation of one’s religious and moral beliefs, no matter how connected or disconnected those two things may be.

The LGBT cult is not special, and we are not required to treat it as such. To call it an act of “hate” to not fly a pride flag on the taxpayer’s dime is moronic. It’s also incredibly illiberal, which is something the Democratic Party used to pretend to care about.

It’s important to note that a conservative city council has banned the LGBTQ+ flag from government property in Huntington Beach, which is being seen as another attempt to marginalize LGBTQ+ individuals. But hate cannot be allowed to win, not in California, not anywhere.

America must uphold its values of freedom and liberty for all, but that doesn’t mean being forced to accept and affirm everything the left wants to impose on society.

In conclusion, the left’s obsession with forcing all things to become LGBT is an attack on religious and moral beliefs. It’s time to say no to this nonsense and uphold the values of freedom and liberty that America was founded upon. The LGBT cult is not special, and we are not required to treat it as such.